North Bay Services

My Passion is fulfilling the dogs needs so they can be a more balanced campanion for you and your families.


Dog walking - pack walks or private.  Email for quotes based on location, length of walk, manner adjustments etc.

Getting your dog out regularly for a walk is one of the most important things you can do for them!  The structure of walking in a controlled manner on a leash and the social interactions are both extremely stimulating and results in a more balanced mind.

Even our domesticated family breeds are still canines that need to get out to explore and exercise.


Dog Training - call for a free cosultation to discuss your needs and areas for improvement.


Undesireable behaviours are more often just misunderstandings, and why wouldn't they be when we often use human psychology on our dogs?

No problem!  The beautiful thing about dogs is that they live in the moment and this can change any day!

Step one is making sure we are fulfilling all of their needs.  The next step is making sure we are communicating in a way that they understand what it si we are asking of them.