Home Visits


At PGP we love to see how excited the dogs get as they walk in the office and get ready to join the pack! The hours spent socializing with the other Canine friends: running, jumping, swimming in the pond and kiddie pools just warms our hearts 

We couldn’t help but think of all the dogs (and cats!) at home that are not able to join in the PGP fun, whether due to socialization limitations, health concerns, or environmental insecurities. Dogs just begging (PGP! Come to me!)

We plan to do just that! 

At work, Going out for the night or away on Holidays we will bring our Farm-ily values to your pet, in your home (don’t worry we will leave the rest of the pack and the mud at the farm). We offer Pee Breaks, Walks, Feeding, Medicating, Human Socializing and Pet Care Services provided by the PGP staff you know and love. 

Allow us to continue to provide that same love and care in your absence, giving you peace of mind knowing your pup is well cared for in the comfort of their own home. If your pup is up for a day or two at the Farm during your week away, but prefers to sleep at home at night- we can arrange that too! 

Contact PGP for pricing and to set up your pups personalized in home care schedule.